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Consist ITU Environmental Software GmbH
Jakobikirchhof 8
20095 Hamburg / Germany

April 12, 2013: Product announcement

Modawi 4 available

Better data quality in waste management

The new version of Modawi, the middleware for the electronic records procedure, comes with a whole list of new features, including integration of the official testing library, a fully new administration tool, and the capability for batch signatures using Modawi WebSigner. These new features will simplify and accelerate a variety of workflows for the many thousands of users. New usage scenarios are also now supported, among other things by support for the EDM interface.

Hamburg – The new version of Modawi is now available. "On April, 1, 2013, the electronic records procedure for the environmentally friendly disposal of hazardous waste turned three years old. Many millions of documents and a still greater number of signatures have been successfully generated and transmitted since April 1, 2010. The third birthday of the eANV was an opportunity for us to release Modawi 4 in April, 2013," explains Ute Müller, managing director of Consist ITU Environmental Software GmbH.

Improvements and extensions in Modawi 4

Modawi is now equipped with the official testing library. A new method can be used to retrieve the test rules for documents. Documents received that violate a rule in the testing library are also correspondingly acknowledged.

Modawi 4 supports users with other new features, like batch signature in Modawi WebSigner: This can also be used, for example, to sign the increasing number of register extracts required by authorities in the browser in a single step.

To minimize administration overhead, Modawi 4 includes a complete redesign of the administration tool, so now even the complete configuration of the system can be carried out centrally and, if necessary, remotely. Individual Modawi instances can now also be restarted from the Web interface.

"The improved data quality provided by the testing library and the trust that participants now have in the process now make it possible to add new areas of use. That's why Modawi 4 supports the Austrian interface for waste management, EDM – short for Electronic Data Management," says Ute Müller. Disposal companies active in both countries can thus meet their documentation obligations using the same interface.

For the national process of waste disposal, laboratories and analyses of waste have been integrated into Modawi 4.

About Modawi

Modawi is a modular system for digital waste management. Modawi supports all processes for the use of electronic documents in accordance with the KrWG (Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz, Closed Substance Cycle Act) and manages the register with signature archival. Modawi is a middleware solution and is integrated into existing waste management software invisibly to the user, creating a comprehensive overall solution. To do so, Modawi provides all the functions needed for the processes of the electronic records procedure (eANV).

Modawi WebSigner allows users to sign prepared documents over the Internet – even without local waste management software.

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