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Governikus ITU GmbH
Jakobikirchhof 8
20095 Hamburg / Germany

Approval and Monitoring

Concepts from specialists

As a specialist in EU-wide IT solutions for environmental protection and operations monitoring, suitable EDP designs and their development and maintenance are our core competence. Over more than 20 years, projects have been successfully implemented at numerous national and international government agencies and companies.

Our specific goal is to provide you with competent consulting to lead you to success with our extensive specialist technical knowledge as the basis for software development in which the result truly meets your requirements.

Specialist expertise

Our range of services includes specialist technical and EDP concepts for environmental protection and operations monitoring.
 Particularly systems

  • for the monitoring of and accounting for waste disposal
  • for the preparation and maintenance of approvals, etc. for systems
  • to manage plant-related information across all environmental media
  • for compliance with record-keeping and reporting obligations
  • with integrated secure communications (e.g. via OSCI) and qualified electronic signatures

belong to our focus.
Our technical consultants are technical environmental protection engineers specializing in the interface between users and developers. Our developers have implemented numerous software solutions. Furthermore, we can make use of the ideal personnel and knowledge transfer with our colleagues at our parent company, Consist Software Solutions GmbH, at any time.

Technical expertise

Our employees have mastered all current programming languages and databases and can bring new techniques to your IT solution. Some aspects to be highlighted are:

  • development of model-based systems (e.g. Liberace)
  • equal support of the Microsoft and open source worlds
  • integration of qualified electronic signatures
  • use of modern integration techniques like Web services
  • use of tools from the Java environment just as cluster-capable JBoss, JBPM for the rules engine, rule definition with a DSL with Drools, scripts using Groovy, Grails for the implementation of a Web-supported administration application.

You can find examples and more information here:

  • ASYS waste monitoring system
  • Central Waste Coordination System – ZKS-Abfall
  • Interface definitions
  • Process support (use of BPM software)

Of course, we maintain and provide support for the software we develop. Our special services in this context include the capacity to include your other existing technical applications in the maintenance process. Our environmental engineers can ensure the efficient translation of your requirements for the developers.


Ute Müller
Managing Director
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Ute Müller


Karsten Evers
Managing Director
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Karsten Evers