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Consist ITU Environmental Software GmbH
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Dynamic Environmental Compliance

Compliance, simply said, means: Observing rules. Environmental compliance is the permanent, demonstrable observance of environmentally oriented laws, ordinances, conditions, etc. that a company has to follow and fulfill. The primary goal of environmental compliance is not simply compliance with environmental requirements, but the avoidance of disadvantage and damage caused by non-compliance. Of course, this goal must be achieved at the lowest cost possible, because it isn't the business purpose of the company. The same applies to documentation: The company complies with all regulations and must be able to demonstrate this with as little effort as possible.

Why environmental compliance?

Compliance means: Observing rules. Of course, a company does its best to meet its environmental requirements. But environmental compliance is not an end in itself! Everything you do must serve the success of your company. There is no damage if an environmental requirement is not met. It only occurs when it results in consequential damages. These consequential damages need not be material (contamination, production downtime). "Bad press" can also hinder sales, worry creditors, or even scare away qualified employees.

What you want!

Your goal is to adhere to all regulations concerning your company! You want to do this in an efficient and sustainable way, despite the diversity and complexity of these regulations!

Our software for dynamic environmental compliance (UC) supports you in this.


  • UC takes care for you.
  • UC structures your processes and documents.
  • UC logs what you have and have not done.
  • UC integrates internal and external stakeholders.
  • UC links and expands your existing systems.
  • UC takes you through convincing audits.


The path to the goal

UC is not just another "software island" in your company, but both a gap filler and bracket in one: We connect the existing information and supplement missing components. This is possible by using inubit BPM from Bosch Software Innovations, the software for flexible and efficient modeling and integration of processes.

Components of the BPM-based environmental compliance solution

inubit BPM isn't just for the compilation of existing data and description of processes, but in particular for its transparent and automated processing. At every level, rules can be implemented and adapted that "sound an alarm" when measured values are exceeded, when checks have not been carried out, but also when evidence for your own products have not been compiled. Stored organizational structures allocate tasks to divisions/roles and allow for escalation scenarios. Easily accessible, up to date information helps staff, suppliers and customers. The documentation of (measurement) results, (counter) measures, tasks carried out, etc. takes place automatically. An auditor can see immediately that you have everything under control.

Our products and services - your benefit

The faster path to the goal: Our partner, the Umweltkanzlei Dr. Rhein, stands for comprehensive expertise in facility, product and occupational safety. You work together with the experts to document your processes, and they also provide advice on optimising these processes!

Consist ITU uses process descriptions from using inubit BPM to create your dynamic environmental compliance system - integrated into your existing IT landscape.

Your benefit: The solution is 100% to your expectations and company processes.

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