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Governikus ITU GmbH
Jakobikirchhof 8
20095 Hamburg / Germany


Modeling of complex technical procedures

In brief

For many years, Governikus ITU has been involved in the development of software for German governmental agencies for the monitoring and accounting of waste disposal. One of the resulting solutions is the ASYS waste monitoring system. It is in use by all 16 German federal states (so-called German Länder) for the monitoring of waste disposal.

The ASYS waste monitoring system

ASYS supports federal state government offices in their tasks, with modules like the following:

  • disposal records and consignment notes,
  • transport approvals and certificates, as well as
  • notifications and accompanying forms.

ASYS functionality includes:

  • rule-based data exchange between the federal states via the ZKS,
  • configurable process control with document creation and transmission, and
  • the processing of XML documents, including qualified electronic signature.

The master data module includes detailed information about companies, agencies, and organizations. The catalog module provides general basic data like the AVV catalog, city codes, NACE keys, and so on.

Waste law in Germany is defined at the level of the federal states (Länder). An application such as ASYS that is in use in all 16 federal states is therefore highly configurable and can be customized by the user.

The modeling of such processes includes multiple individual steps and involved persons/offices on the one hand, and on the other hand must be performed quickly from the service customer's point of view while still maintaining compliance with applicable law. To meet these requirements, an IT system modeling the process must walk a tightrope between automation and decision on the part of a person responsible.

The functions provided (generation of letters, definition of validation rules, detailed permission settings, extensive reporting, and much more) allow the user to complete tasks simply and conveniently.

The platform

For these requirements, we are using a platform that can be flexibly configured to match the business logic. Changes to the organizational structure, in the administrative workflow, or to the legal basis of the logic can quickly be made by the process designers without the need for programming. Specific changes due to individual decisions can also be implemented without hassle.
 Our platform provides standard features needed by the specialist technical processes. How a particular process is presented to users, and which data is processed, depends on the choice and implementation of the user interface and on the configuration settings made, and these are all determined by the users.

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