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Governikus ITU GmbH
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20095 Hamburg / Germany

Modawi: IT solution for legally compliant documentation

Decentralized solutions for eANV, the electronic record procedure for waste recovery and disposal

In brief

Modawi is the modular system for digital waste management.
Modawi supports all processes for the use of electronic documents according to the Ordinance on Waste Recovery and Disposal Records, and manages the register with signature archival.
Modawi is a middleware solution and is integrated into existing waste management software invisibly to the user, creating a comprehensive overall solution.
Modawi WebSigner allows users to sign prepared documents over the Internet - even without local waste management software.

Functionality for processes in the electronic record procedure

Modawi provides functions for processes in the electronic record procedure (eANV) for the disposal of hazardous waste. These can be used by waste management systems or through its own user interface. They satisfy all requirements for the electronic form according to the Ordinance on Waste Recovery and Disposal Records (NachwV), section 4.
Modawi is oriented towards waste producers, transporters, and disposal companies who need to dispose of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste. All electronic messages and documentation of the Ordinance on Waste Recovery and Disposal Records are supported by Modawi: These are the record of proper waste management (Entsorgungsnachweis), Collective record of proper waste management (Sammelentsorgungsnachweis), consignment notes (Begleitschein), and handover certificates (Übernahmescheine). Modawi also handles the management of registers and can process notifications from/to authorities and other waste management participant(s), as well as numerical requirements for consignment notes and records of proper waste management.


  • Simple, precise integration into existing waste management software
  • Direct generation and processing of ordinance-compliant electronic documentation from the existing data
  • Management of the electronic register, including signature archival
  • Flexible extensibility with new waste management and other forms (orders, invoices, EUDIN)
  • Legally compliant verification, reading, and writing of qualified electronic signatures, including batch and multiple signatures
  • Secure communication with all participants in the Central Waste Coordination Office (ZKS-Abfall)
  • Integration of customers, branches or subcontractors by the Modawi WebSigner
  • Cost control by one-time license purchase, no transaction fees
  • Data protection by inhouse processing, no external portal

Advantages using Modawi

Always in compliance with the law
Modawi is continually updated to match the current status of the interfaces published by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety (BMU). The update service always keeps you in compliance with the German law and EU regulations.

Electronic signatures with any signature cards and card readers
The required qualified electronic signatures are generated and validated by Modawi using the mature signature solutions from SecCommerce also used by ZKS-Abfall. They always support all current signature cards and card readers.

Experienced and approved
Modawi is the only eANV solution working with the new XML documents which is already in productive use for over a year. More than 30 clients are already using Modawi.

Complete control of your waste management data
Modawi is used in your own company as an integrated eANV solution. You retain full control of all processes and data.

Sign prepared documents with Modawi WebSigner
Modawi WebSigner is a Web application allowing signature in the browser. Documents are prepared using your own waste management software, and simply provided to customers, remote locations, or subcontractors for signature over the Internet. Finished documents automatically return to Modawi for further processing.


Ute Müller
Managing Director
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Ute Müller


Karsten Evers
Managing Director
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Karsten Evers